At Ease Massage Therapy Appleton, WI
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About The Therapist

Shari Atchison, WLMT (Wisconsin Licensed Massage Therapist)

Graduate of Wisconsin School of Massage Therapy, Germantown, WI 

December 2016


So many people I know complain of so much stress and tension that daily life becomes overwhelming or frustrating. I’ve learned that most people are dealing with chronic, low level pain, stiffness, and restricted mobility. These things are easily remedied with massage and bodywork.

It is my goal to help people restore and rejuvenate. Massage and bodywork is very effective in restoring function, releasing taut muscles, and relieving pain using relaxing Swedish massage techniques  to therapeutic deep tissue myofascial trigger point release. When you feel better, you do better—your quality of life improves. 

Vision and hearing impaired from Usher Syndrome Type 2 (deafness and Retinitis Pigmentosa) —some things can be challenging for me, but finding the muscles and tissues causing pain and dysfunction—this I can do! As a straight-A student in massage school and medical office training, I excelled in anatomy and palpation skills. I will patiently work through troublesome spots to analyze why you’re having pain, and then work to resolve it.

It is very satisfying to see results—to see more people At Ease. I look forward for the opportunity to assist you to better health and function!

*Therapist has a service dog.