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Groupon Redemption FAQ’s

1.  Name on the appointment needs to be the person receiving the massage. If name of Groupon Voucher is different, please put name and Voucher number in “leave message” blank.

2.   To confirm your appointment, you must put your GROUPON VOUCHER NUMBER in “leave a message” blank. 

3.   24 Hour Cancellation Policy. Your Voucher will be redeemed if canceled less than 24 hours prior or if a NO SHOW.  

4.   You receive a confirmation email when the appointment is successfully booked. 

5.    You will receive a reminder email two days prior to your appointment.

6.     Use the Scheduling App below, selecting ”First Time Client: 60 Minute session. 

*If your Groupon voucher is expiring within the next few weeks or it has expired, please contact us. No extra fees will be added. 

Any questions text 920-931-2598 or email for assistance.  Messages are checked between sessions.